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At Culpepper Kurland, we represent clients who have become paralyzed after being involved in a serious motor vehicle accident caused by the negligence of another driver.

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Quadriplegia Lawyers Serving Injured Clients

Paraplegia is paralysis of the lower extremities. Quadriplegia, also called tetraplegia, is paralysis of all extremities and partial paralysis of the torso. The level of paralysis may vary in both conditions, but generally speaking, all control and sensation in the affected areas is lost.

These conditions are usually caused by severe spinal cord injury suffered in a car, truck or motorcycle accident. Generally speaking, the higher the damage is on the spinal cord, the fuller the paralysis. Specialized medical treatment may be able to repair some of the damage and possibly regain some control and sensation. It is important to work with specialists who understand the complexities and challenges these medical conditions present.

It is of equal importance to work with personal injury attorneys who understand the medical care required and the impact it will have on day-to-day life going forward. Partners Brad Culpepper and Brett Kurland have the specialized experience and high level of competence necessary to represent clients who have become paralyzed in an accident.

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In medically complex cases such as paraplegia and quadriplegia, our lawyers have often retained the guidance of highly qualified medical experts to testify on our clients' behalf.

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