Shoulder Injuries Can Take Their Toll

At Culpepper Kurland, we represent clients who have suffered shoulder injuries in accidents caused by negligent or reckless drivers. We aim to recover the compensation necessary to replace lost wages and pay your medical bills. Injuries to shoulders can be extremely painful and lead to chronic pain.

The personal injury lawyers at Culpepper Kurland, based in Tampa, represent clients with shoulder injuries such as:

  • Impingement syndrome
  • Torn rotator cuff
  • Broken clavicle
  • Trauma to the brachial plexus, causing severe neurological damage
  • Humeral head or acromioclavicular joint damage
  • Shoulder separation
  • Shoulder dislocation

When You've Been Hurt, Contact Our Attorneys

Shoulder and joint injuries occur in all types of motor vehicle accidents, including rear-end collisions. They also happen in other wrecks such as rollovers, motorcycle accidents and bicycle accidents, when people fall and land awkwardly. These kinds of injuries may also result from ill-fitting seat belts on children and adults.

Shoulder injuries could require steroid injections, extensive physical therapy and reparative surgery. In many situations, a shoulder injury from a car accident may require arthroscopic surgery. In a lot of cases, at least some degree of damage is permanent. Such a painful recovery process and potentially permanent damage will often entitle you to compensation for your medical costs, lost income and other related damages when your injuries were caused by the negligent actions of another driver.

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