Florida pedestrian killed by vehicle just hours into 2013

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A person’s life can change in an instant. Or so the cliché goes. The family of an Oldsmar man could attest after this New Year’s Day that the cliché can be true. A young Oldsmar man was crossing a street in Oldsmar around 2 a.m. on New Year’s Day when he was hit and killed by a car.

The man reportedly died at the accident site. According to a report, the driver of the vehicle did not appear to be impaired, but further investigation could provide different results. The pedestrian was reportedly wearing dark-colored clothing. It is possible that the accident was primarily a result of the driver not being able to see the pedestrian in the dark.

Regardless of the reason for this accident, other pedestrian accidents occur in the Tampa area and throughout Florida. Some pedestrian-vehicle accidents may be similar to this one-the result of a driver failing to see a pedestrian. However other pedestrian accidents are more easily preventable and may be due to speeding or distracted driving.

If an accident investigation proves that the accident was the result of a driver’s inattention or negligence, the family of a pedestrian who was killed may consider filing a wrongful death lawsuit.

When a loved one dies, family and friends are not only faced with the challenge of adjusting to life without their loved one, they may also face unexpected expenses. The cost of a funeral, memorial, or burial can be quite expensive. In addition, if a family loses a loved one’s wages as a result of an accident like this one, they will likely encounter additional financial challenges. Consulting an attorney to file a wrongful death lawsuit may be very challenging for family members, but it may also help family members significantly in the long-run.

Source: Tampa Bay Times, “Oldsmar man dies after being struck by car early New Year’s Day,” Jan. 2, 2013


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