Florida man charged for involvement in fatal accident last year

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A fatal accident late last summer landed one driver in jail this past weekend. The accident occurred in Polk County when a man driving a pickup truck crossed the center median of US Highway 92. After crossing the median, the pickup truck collided with an SUV.

The driver of the SUV incurred several injuries, and a passenger in the backseat of the vehicle incurred serious injuries. However, the front seat passenger suffered such serious injuries that he died at a hospital shortly after the crash. The driver who crossed the median broke several bones.

An investigation into the collision determined that the driver of the pickup truck was high on computer cleaning agent at the time of the crash. The man allegedly huffed the cleaning agent just before the accident occurred. According to a report, investigators think the pickup driver may have been unconscious when the accident occurred.

Now, this driver faces a DUI manslaughter charge. As a result of this man’s decision to drive after huffing cleaning solution, another man is no longer enjoying his life. The family of this man may be relieved to learn that the driver who caused the accident is facing criminal charges. However, this man’s family members have undoubtedly suffered more pain than can be made up for with a jail or prison sentence.

Seeking financial compensation after a loved one’s wrongful death could be very beneficial. Medical bills and funeral expenses and can become very expensive. Family members may be overwhelmed by these costs, in addition to grieving the loss of a loved one. While financial compensation cannot eliminate the pain of losing a family member, it may make it easier to move forward financially after this type of tragic event.

Source: MyFox Tampa Bay, “Detectives: Suspect ‘huffed’ computer cleaner before fatal crash,” Feb. 10, 2013


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