Who is liable in strange Florida motorcycle accident?

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One benefit of Florida’s warm weather is that motorcyclists can ride comfortably throughout the year. At the same time, this reality increases the chances that a motorcycle can be caught up in an accident. In many cases, these incidents occur because other motorists fail to see bikers on the road.

However, a recent fatal accident in Florida happened for different reasons. A man was riding his three-wheel motorcycle when a plastic banner unexpectedly broke free from its post and obstructed the biker’s vision. The man quickly collided with a wall. Although emergency responders brought the biker to a hospital, doctors were unable to resuscitate him.

At this time, local police are still looking into the circumstances behind the accident and have not issued a report yet. However, law enforcement does know that the rider took safety precautions by wearing a helmet while riding.

Even though another driver was not directly involved in this motorcycle accident, a party can still be held liable. For instance, the company or person responsible for the banner advertisement that blew into the roadway may be found responsible. By placing the sign near the roadway, it should have been obvious that the banner could break free and affect passersby. If it’s determined that the party responsible for the signage failed to adequately secure it for the weather conditions, then the motorcyclist’s family may have legal options available to them.

Of course, a wrongful death claim cannot undo the tragic results of the incident, but it can help the victim’s family feel whole again and provide much-needed closure.

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