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August 2015 Archives

Car accident risks when encountering a drowsy driver

There are numerous reasons why a Florida driver might get into a car accident. One that is often avoidable is if a driver is operating the vehicle while drowsy. Understanding the facts about drowsy driving can help drivers identify when it might be risky to go out on the road and what to watch for from other drivers.

Possible causes of truck driver fatigue and accidents

The number of semi-trucks on the road in Florida can be daunting for other drivers. These vehicles are massive and are frequently traveling long distances at a high rate of speed. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) offers advice for drivers and companies to maintain proper safety procedures. For people who are concerned about being in a truck accident, the advice that the FMCSA offers can also provide a window into reasons why accidents caused by truck driver fatigue might occur by examining tips that drivers receive to avoid them.

Fatal car crash in the rain leaves 5 dead

Being on the road in Florida can be dangerous especially if there is inclement weather. While there is a certain amount of risk at all times for a multitude of reasons, a significant amount of rain can exacerbate the danger to any and all people on the road regardless of how experienced and safe they are when driving. A fatal car accident can occur at any time and lead to the loss of companionship for family members as well as emotional and personal upheaval. Knowing how to pursue compensation through a wrongful death legal case is imperative after a fatal car crash.

The possible effects of a brain injury after a car accident

In Florida, a car accident can lead to injuries and fatalities. In some cases, the injuries are clear and in others, they take some time to begin to take effect. Brain injury can either be obvious or it can be more difficult to spot. Often, victims don't realize they or their loved ones have suffered a brain injury until they show clear signs of it. Knowing the frequency of brain injuries, the facts about them, and what to do for treatment can be helpful.


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