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January 2016 Archives

A look at Florida hit and run statistics

When there is an auto accident in Florida, those who were involved are required to stop for a multitude of reasons. As a matter of legality, a person who commits a hit and run will be violating the law and can be subject to numerous consequences. Unfortunately, some people do choose to flee the scene after they have been involved in a car collision. Those who have a crash need to be aware of this possibility and be cognizant of their surrounding to assist in an accident investigation.

Drowsy truck drivers still a major risk for a truck accident

With the number of trucks on the road in Florida there is a consistent danger that a crash involving one will occur. There can be many reasons for this, but one that should be preventable is the accident occurring because the driver is too drowsy to be on the road. Drivers are supposed to write down or electronically record their time spent driving and resting in a trucking log. However, there is still an issue with truck drivers falling asleep.

Study shows safety issues that can cause a truck accident

Floridians who spend any amount of time on the road realize that large trucks are an inescapable part of the landscape. With that, it is a constant danger that there will be a collision with a large truck. In many cases, a truck accident will be a multi-vehicle accident with serious injuries and fatalities. A study examined safety problems that truckers who drive long distances and their companies face.

Florida Uber accidents: Are injured passengers protected?

Ridesharing services such as Uber and Lyft, are becoming increasingly popular in Florida and around the country. With a few swipes of a smartphone app, someone in need of a taxi can locate a ride, determine wait time and rate, and schedule a pick-up. And riders aren't the only ones benefiting from the service. Uber drivers create their own schedules, use their own vehicles and enjoy flexibility that isn't offered by traditional taxi cab companies. While this new take on an 80-year-old industry is attractive to most, it is important to understand what happens when an Uber driver gets into an accident - especially in Florida, a state with unique auto insurance laws.

Motorcycle accident victim suffers paralysis and other injuries

Motorcyclists in Florida are undoubtedly aware of the possible dangers that they face when out on the open road. Those risks can be mitigated by adhering to the rules of the road, wearing protective gear, being visible and riding safely. Contrary to conventional belief, a motorcycle accident does not necessarily have to happen because of a rider acting irresponsibly. A motorcycle accident victim can face devastating injuries that can lead to a lifetime of struggle and pain. It can even result in a fatal motorcycle crash. When there is a motorcycle accident, it is important that the person who was hurt or the family left behind has legal assistance in conducting a full investigation to determine what happened.

What are the federal regulations for a qualified truck driver?

Encountering trucks when out on the road in Florida is often unavoidable. With that, it is also understood that there will occasionally be a truck accident. A collision involving a truck can be more dangerous and deadly given the size of the vehicles, the speeds at which they travel and the distances they have to cover. It is with these factors in mind that the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has federal trucking regulations for drivers of these trucks to be considered qualified.

Premises liability, safety and railroad crossings in Florida

There are premises liability laws in place in Florida to provide for the safety of the population. Designed to address a wide variety of issues and situations, these laws will run the gamut from providing proper security to making certain that the lighting is sufficient and much more. If, as a result of a failure to account for hazardous conditions people are injured or killed, it could be the foundation for a legal filing where the injured could be compensated.

Florida car accident injures man on bike and pedestrian

People who choose not to use a car to get around might decide to walk or ride a bicycle in getting from here to there. In Florida, given the predominately nice weather, it is a way to save money and keep in shape. That said, those who use alternative methods of transport might still find themselves injured in a car accident. When this happens, regardless of the circumstances, it is important to know how to pursue compensation through a legal filing.

Florida law on liability for injuries suffered due to dog bites

There are numerous aspects to premises liability in Florida. Often it is linked to some form of dangerous condition or issue on the property, but an owner is also liable if a dog on the person's property bites someone. Those who have suffered injuries from a dog bite due to a negligent property owner might have the ability to file a claim to be compensated for the injuries.

What are potential complications of a brain injury?

When there is a car accident in Florida, there will be a profound sense of relief if there are not visible injuries, broken bones and other evidence of damage. However, there are some injuries that might not be immediately clear and could manifest themselves as time passes. One example is a brain injury. The prevalence of brain injury is currently a hot topic today and one of the most common ways that people can suffer an injury is in a car crash. Many times, they are not even aware that they have been hurt.


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