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Legal help after an auto accident with a taxi or bus in Florida

For people in Florida who do not have a car or do not drive, transportation is often limited to either public means via bus or by using a taxi. With that in mind, these vehicles are a ubiquitous presence on the roads. While the majority of these vehicles are driven safely and within the confines of the law, there are inevitable instances when there will be an auto accident with a taxi or bus. Those who are involved in a crash with a bus or taxi in their own vehicles or are hit by a bus or taxi when bicycling or as pedestrians need to be aware of how to pursue legal compensation after the fact.

These particular types of vehicles are called "common carriers" in Florida. They are provided with licenses by the state and are required to adhere to various regulations to be operating legally. Drivers of conventional motor vehicles have one set of rules and drivers of taxis and buses have a different set of rules because they are considered to be professional drivers. In addition, buses and taxis are not part of the state's law of no-fault insurance. This must be remembered if there is an accident with one of these vehicles.

When there is a crash with a bus or taxi, the state functions under the impression that there is a certain amount of fault to those drivers because of their perceived professional status. A taxi must have a higher amount of insurance than a regular vehicle. With this in mind, a person who was injured in a crash with a taxi might be able to receive payments for pain and suffering, medical expenses, lost pay from being unable to work, compensation for future lost earnings and other expenses that might have accumulated from traveling for treatment.

Those who are hurt in an auto accident with a taxi or bus need to know the difference between this type of accident and other types of accidents. The families of those who were hurt can also be affected by having to care for an injured loved one and needing to deal with the rising costs and personal sacrifices that accompany such an occurrence. Speaking to a legal professional -- like those at our law firm -- after having been injured in a car accident with a taxi or bus is the first step that a person should take after an accident.

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