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September 2016 Archives

Florida hit-and-run accident leaves victims hospitalized

Victims of hit-and-run car accidents have legal protections they should be aware of. A hit-and-run crash that injured a pedestrian on Florida's West Coast recently resulted in the arrest of the driver involved. In a community a couple of hours travel time northwest of the Tampa Bay area, a 22-year old women has been accused of hitting a male pedestrian and then fleeing the scene. The driver is accused of hitting the homeless man with her SUV before stopping briefly and then leaving the scene without offering any help or assistance.

Legal protections are available to victims of head injuries

Head injuries resulting from motorcycle accidents or car accidents can be serious for victims and their families. The repercussions of a head injury suffered in an unexpected motor vehicle accident can have a long-lasting impact on the health and earning capacity of a victim. Head injuries can be both internal and external. Internal head injuries, including traumatic brain injuries, can be challenging to treat and can have a lifelong impact on victims.

The most common types of car accident injuries

One of the leading causes of injuries in the United States is car accidents. During 2012, greater than 5.6 million car accidents were reported in the U.S. Of the car accidents reported in 2012, 1.6 million injuries resulted. The annual economic impact of car accidents is estimated to be $277 billion. These incidents can cause a variety of serious damage, including catastrophic injuries, which can have a disabling impact on car accident victims and their futures.

Fatal car accidents increase and 2.2 million injured in 2016

Car accident victims and their families share protections through the legal process when harmed by a car accident. The National Safety Council recently reported that preliminary numbers reveal that the number of fatal traffic accidents has increased by 9 percent for the first 6 months of 2016 when compared to the same period of time last year. The number of car accident fatalities in increasing despite improved car safety. The rate of car accident fatalities has been on the rise since 2014. Florida has seen the largest increase in car accident fatalities which have increased 43 percent since 2014.

What is a 'common carrier' under the law?

This blog recently discussed the dangers of truck accidents for victims and families. Victims of some types of accidents involving commercial vehicles such as busses or taxis may have heard the term 'common carrier' and wondered what it refers to and what the significance of a common carrier is. At their most basic level, common carriers transport people or goods from one place to another for a fee and have certain duties of care for their passengers.


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