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February 2018 Archives

Filing a claim after getting hurt by a speeding truck driver

A previous post on this blog talked about the dangers speeding truck drivers present to other motorists in the Hillsborough and other parts of the Tampa area. Not only do drivers who speed have less of a chance of being able to stop for an accident, but, should they get in to a wreck, the momentum of their speeding truck is far more likely to cause serious damage to whatever, or whomever, it hits.

Research indicates sleepy drivers are dangerous drivers

Florida readers know there are many dangerous habits and behaviors that could lead to an increased chance of a car accident. While drunk driving and distracted driving may top your list, there is growing concern over drowsy driving. Drowsy drivers can be quite dangerous, and sleepiness can also lead to an increased chance of a car accident.

Report: Cell phone contributing to spike in pedestrian accidents

Recent statistics suggest an ongoing problem in Florida and other parts of the country with the number of pedestrian accidents in that these incidents appear to be on the increase and have been over the past several years.


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