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May 2018 Archives

Keyless ignitions pose risk for Florida residents

In Florida, and across the rest of the nation, dozens of people have become ill - and many have succumbed - due to the effects of carbon monoxide poisoning that was caused by cars with keyless ignitions. While this may not be the type of personal injury one would expect to be inflicted by an automobile risk, it is made deadlier exactly because it is not expected. The problem is caused by today's quieter modern engines, combined with vehicles that continue motoring even after the driver exits the passenger cabin and removes the fob.

Florida drunk driver injures multiple victims

Legal protections are available to victims of drunk driving accidents. In a Northern Florida community, a 39-year-old man was recently arrested following a drunk driving accident that left several victims injured. The man is facing DUI charges, as well as other charges. According to reports, the two vehicles involved were travelling in opposite directions when the victim's vehicle initiated a left-hand turn and the vehicle driven by the drunk driver collided with it. The drunk driver ran from the scene of the accident.

Drugged driving could become a safety threat in Florida

Medical marijuana is now legal in Florida. This is good news for people who will benefit from cannabis for the treatment of certain medical conditions, but it may increase the chance that a person will attempt to operate a motor vehicle while under the influence of marijuana.

Distracted driving is a serious problem in Florida

Authorities report that in Florida during 2017 there were nearly 50,000 car accidents that involved distracted driving. The numbers are sobering as distracted driving-related car accidents accounted for greater than 12 percent of all car accidents in Florida during 2017. 50,000 distracted driving-related car accidents during 2016 resulted in 220 victims killed and another 3,000 serious injuries to victims. There is a total of 137 distracted driving-related car accidents each day throughout Florida; more than five per hour.


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