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June 2018 Archives

Florida embracing self-driving cars in spite of accidents

The last few years has seen a number of advances in self-driving vehicle technologies. The cars themselves have left the test tracks and hit the public roads, streets and highways of Florida. In spite of considerable attention that self-driving vehicle manufacturers and operators have received as of late - thanks largely to a spate of highly-publicized auto accidents - the Sunshine State appears to remain bullish on the technology.

Florida roads among most perilous in country

When it comes to being safe on the road, Florida is not the best place for a motorist - or passenger, cyclist or pedestrian. A recent study that was conducted by the website WalletHub - the "Safest States in the U.S." - puts Florida near the bottom in almost all of the categories that were considered in the findings. Overall, the Sunshine State was ranked 46th among the 50 states with regard to the safety of its citizens.

Report: Florida most dangerous state for motorcyclists

Last month was Motorcycle Safety Awareness month in Florida, however, it is clear from accident statistics that motorists must be safety conscious about motorcycles throughout the year. In much of the country, motorcycles are only a factor on roads during warmer months. However, Florida's mild weather means that motorcycles share the roads with other vehicles year-round.

Commercial vehicle accidents can be complex in Florida

When a commercial vehicle is involved in a traffic accident, matters can be more complicated than in crashes between passenger vehicles. This is because commercial vehicles may be regulated by overlapping state and federal laws. Thus, when a commercial vehicle accident occurs in Florida, the investigation could involve local and state authorities, as well as federal agencies like the National Transportation Safety Board.

When to take away mom’s car keys

Most children cannot wait until the day they can take the car keys from mom and drive off with newfound independence. However, we rarely anticipate the day we have to take away the keys from our parents permanently.

Victims of drunk drivers are not alone

In Hillsborough County, throughout Florida and across the United States, drunk drivers are a major cause of motor vehicle crashes. Traffic safety experts implicate drunk driving in a large percentage of all accidents, and the behavior is the second leading cause of traffic deaths after speeding. Every year, thousands of people are killed by drunk drivers on the nation's roads.


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