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September 2018 Archives

There's hardly such a thing as a true auto 'accident'

People use the term "accident" fairly broadly, especially when they are referring to collisions between two or more vehicles. In this broader sense, accident just means something that no one caused on purpose, which is indeed the case in the vast majority of car accidents and other motor vehicle accidents.

Improving safety for those who use alternate transportation

Tampa-areas roads can be dangerous for all Florida travelers, regardless of whether they are walking, riding a bus or driving a car. Congestion, roadwork and other drivers can all increase the chance of an accident that may leave innocent people injured. Pedestrians and cyclists often face a higher risk of serious injury because they are largely unprotected against the impact of an accident.

Dump truck accident injures three children

A dump truck driver traveling on U.S highway 301 collided head on with a passenger car, injuring three children from the greater Tampa area, resulting in injuring one them critically. The other two children were listed in serious condition. The woman who was driving the car that was struck was a 40-year-old who seems to have been the children's mom and has also suffered serious injuries

Common behaviors exhibited by drunk drivers

Drunk driving is a serious threat to the safety and well-being of every person on the road. Operating a vehicle with an elevated blood alcohol content can significantly increase the chance of an accident, and innocent people can suffer. Florida readers understand the dangers and unnecessary risks associated with drunk driving. 

Are drowsy drivers a threat to your safety on the road?

When a Florida driver gets behind the wheel while tired, it can increase the chance of an accident. In some cases, tired drivers are actually dangerous drivers, and they could be a threat to your health and well-being. In order to combat the likelihood of a person driving while exhausted, some organizations are taking measures to increase awareness of this problem.


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