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April 2019 Archives

How many drinks are too many to drive?

Some people will find any reason to have an alcoholic beverage. They may be going to happy hour after work, they may be celebrating a holiday or special occasion, or they may be taking a trip to the beach or going camping. While these events can be fun, if a person consumes alcohol and then tries to drive home, it can lead to a drunk driving accident that could injure others on the road.

Man severely injured in Tampa motorcycle crash

A man suffered severe injuries while riding his motorcycle on Interstate 275 in the Tampa area. Ultimately, his injuries proved to be fatal. According to statements from law enforcement officers investigating the accident, the man was attempting to exit the freeway at the time of the accident. The driver of a car moved into the exit lane on the freeway, striking the motorcyclist with the vehicle's right sideview mirror.

Distracted driving measure works way through legislature

As readers of this blog know, we have been following the Florida Legislature's efforts to toughen the state's laws which prohibit distracted driving. Since 2013, texting and driving has been illegal in Florida, but police are only allowed to write a ticket if they have evidence of another traffic violation.

People often choose their jobs over traffic safety

Many people in the greater Tampa area know that their jobs are important for their livelihoods and thus do what they can to keep their employers happy. This desire to get ahead at one's workplace means, among other things, that an employee will be available to communicate remotely.

The reason behind the increase in pedestrian-involved accidents

When a car strikes a pedestrian, the results of that type of collision are most often catastrophic. Pedestrians are unprotected against the impact of a car or other type of passenger vehicles, and they are extremely vulnerable to injury, even in a low-speed collision. Unfortunately, statistics indicate that pedestrian-involved accidents are at a 30-year high.

Accident-related brain injuries can have a long-term impact

A car accident can change the lives of those involved in many ways. From significant personal property damage to serious injuries, the impact can be long-term. This is especially true for those who suffer brain injuries, which is one of the most common types of car accident injuries. Even a minor brain injury can lead to major complications and side effects.


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