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Motorcycle accidents are common and often preventable

Motorcycles may be a fun and efficient way to travel across the state of Florida, but they can also be a very dangerous mode of transportation. Even when a motorcyclist takes every possible safety precaution, educates themselves on how to drive in different conditions and places, and follows all of the laws of the roads, they may still suffer serious harm in a collision. That is because it is often the fault of vehicle drivers who do not pay attention to their surroundings and collide with otherwise safe riders.

In some cases, drivers simply do not see other vehicles on the road while they are operating their own vehicles. Because motorcycles are so small, they can get missed by drivers when they scan their surroundings.

Additionally, motorcycles can disappear into blind spots and may be hard to identify when vehicles are traveling at high rates of speed. It is the responsibility of drivers who wish to change lanes to ensure that their paths are clear; when drivers maneuver without making proper checks, they can hit motorcycles and cause serious personal injuries.

Like many of the car accidents that happen in Florida, many motorcycle accidents can be prevented through care and attention to an individual's driving practices. However, accidents do happen, and it is important that victims remember that they have options to help them move forward with their lives. They may be able to pursue their damages through a personal injury claim, so they can begin the healing process after suffering losses in a motorcycle collision.

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