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December 2019 Archives

New law makes using a phone while driving a primary offense

Tech enthusiasts are usually the first people to hop in line for the newest, most advanced smartphones, but they are not alone in their excitement. In fact, you might not even know anyone who does not own a smartphone. It might also be hard to find someone who does not use his or her phone while driving. That could change as Florida police begin to enforce a new law.

Another study shows distracted driving laws are having low impact

Like most other states, texting and driving is prohibited in Florida, and Florida also has legal restrictions on motorists using a hand-held phone while behind the wheel. However, the problem with drivers in the Tampa area and throughout the country being distracted by their phones seems to be continuing. Over 3,000 people die from distracted driving each year according to official numbers from the federal government, and many experts believe that the actual number is higher.

Your rights after an accident involving a commercial vehicle

One moment you may be driving down the road, perhaps going out to buy groceries or head into the office, and the next you may see a large semitrailer barreling toward you. Large commercial trucks are heavier and larger than regular vehicles, often causing catastrophic damage in accidents. If you are the victim of a commercial truck accident, you understand how this incident can change your life.


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