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February 2020 Archives

Teen crash rates rise with earlier school start times

Residents of Florida may remember how late they would sleep in as teenagers. According to the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, teens sleep long and late due to changes to their circadian rhythm; those aged 13 to 18 need about 8 to 10 hours of sleep every day. With schools starting early, though, some teens cannot achieve this, which means a higher risk for unsafe behavior when on the road, including drowsy and distracted driving.

Bicycle accidents: why do they happen?

Bicycles are a popular mode of transportation in Florida, and people often choose to hop on a bike to get to work or run errands instead of using a car or public transportation. It can be faster and cheaper to bike than to ride, and it is also an environmentally friendly way to get around. However, choosing to ride a bike can also come with certain risks.

Florida pedestrians face a higher chance of an accident

People choose to walk for transportation purposes for many reasons. Perhaps they live in an urban area where things are easily accessible simply by walking a few blocks. Others prefer to walk for health reasons, and others may choose to walk because it is a more economical option than driving a car. Even when walking in pedestrian areas and on sidewalks, pedestrians are particularly vulnerable to an impact with a moving vehicle. 

Experts urge improved federal safety testing

Many Florida drivers prefer new cars because they have greater faith in the safety and integrity of the vehicles. They trust that they and their loved ones will receive greater protection from an injury in case of a crash. However, some experts say that the safety rating system for cars in the United States is outdated and does not capture all of the information that people need to truly judge the effectiveness of safety technologies. The five-star safety rating used by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration was developed from the 1970s to the 1990s.

Determining liability in multi-car crashes

Multi-vehicle crashes, like other accidents, almost always involve the negligent action of one or more drivers. This makes it possible to establish fault and even determine the degree of that fault. It's not easy, but Florida residents can benefit from knowing how the process might go.


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