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April 2020 Archives

What to do when you witness a motorcycle wreck

Watching a motorcyclist get wiped out on the road is a horrific experience. What's worse: Many people never even stop to help. Maybe they're afraid of getting hurt themselves, or maybe they simply don't know what to do -- but even one Good Samaritan can make a big difference to an injured biker.

Spring is here, which means more motorcycles are on the road

Spring in Florida brings milder temps and longer days, and more people are out and about. This time of year also brings out the bikers as the good weather provides an ideal opportunity to enjoy the open road. With more motorcycles on the road, it is more important than ever for drivers to share the road safely in order to reduce the chance of an accident that could leave innocent people injured.

The significant dangers of eating while driving

Because of our fast-paced culture, it's normal for people to have to multitask. In some cases, the urge to get multiple things done at once happens when a driver is behind the wheel. This often means grabbing a meal or a beverage to go and consuming it while driving down the road. This may seem safe enough, but in reality, it's another form of distracted driving.

3 things your teens should know about drunk driving

Parenting a teenager can be hard. On one hand, you don't want to condone any bad behavior -- like drinking. On the other hand, you know that it's important to address the realities of life. You can't be with your teen every moment of the day or night, so they may sometimes experiment with alcohol (even if they're still underage).

Why Florida's cities are so dangerous for pedestrians

In recent years, Americans have enthusiastically embraced earth-friendly and inexpensive modes of transportation, especially walking. The only problem is that most modern American cities, including those in Florida, were designed around vehicular traffic -- not pedestrians.


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