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August 2020 Archives

Types of back injuries you may experience in a wreck

An accident can change your life in many ways. It can leave you with injuries, lingering pain and other complications that can last for months or years. Even if your injuries were not life threatening or serious, they can still have a serious impact on your life. For example, back or neck injuries do not always result in paraplegia, but they can be debilitating and painful.

Is there a link between caffeine and truck crashes?

Have you gotten jittery after drinking an entire Red Bull? Have you ever had too much caffeine and too little food and found yourself unfocused and irritable? Or, maybe you've made the mistake of having a cup of coffee too late in the evening and found yourself unable to sleep but unable to do anything productive.

Prescription drugs and driving: a dangerous combination

Driving while impaired is dangerous and irresponsible, whether it's because of alcohol, illegal drugs, phones or even prescription medication. While many people acknowledge the danger of driving while distracted or under the influence of alcohol, it is common to overlook the severity of the problem of drugged driving. Whether it's an illegal street drug or a medication prescribed by a doctor, anything that affects a driver's reaction and cognition has the potential to cause an accident.

Despite vehicle safety features, pedestrians are still at risk

You and other Florida residents know that pedestrians and bicyclists have little chance to escape an accident involving a vehicle unscathed. When a vehicle comes barreling at a pedestrian or cyclist with a reckless or negligent driver behind the wheel, the chances of severe or even fatal injuries to the person outside the vehicle are high.

Should you settle a car accident claim or go to trial?

Ever since you were injured in a car wreck with a distracted driver, you've been frustrated. Despite the pain of your injuries, your time lost from work and all the trouble, the insurance company has dragged its heels. They have seemed utterly indifferent to your claim.

Could you spot a drunk driver if you saw one?

It's pretty much universally agreed that drunk drivers are a massive danger to both themselves and others. It's also pretty much universally agreed that some people, no matter how much they're warned against drunk driving and no matter what penalties they may face if they are caught, are still going to get behind the wheel while they're inebriated.


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