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Premises Liability Archives

Big change to Florida slip-and-fall law

Whether you're strolling into KFC or browsing the aisles at Walmart, sustaining a serious and potentially life-altering injury is the last thing you expect. Yet, slip-and-fall injuries are quite common and can lead to medical bills, lost wages and a range of personal difficulties. Unfortunately for Florida residents, a recent statute has shifted the responsibility from business owners to injured parties in slip-and-fall cases.

Premises liability, safety and railroad crossings in Florida

There are premises liability laws in place in Florida to provide for the safety of the population. Designed to address a wide variety of issues and situations, these laws will run the gamut from providing proper security to making certain that the lighting is sufficient and much more. If, as a result of a failure to account for hazardous conditions people are injured or killed, it could be the foundation for a legal filing where the injured could be compensated.

Florida law on liability for injuries suffered due to dog bites

There are numerous aspects to premises liability in Florida. Often it is linked to some form of dangerous condition or issue on the property, but an owner is also liable if a dog on the person's property bites someone. Those who have suffered injuries from a dog bite due to a negligent property owner might have the ability to file a claim to be compensated for the injuries.

Mother sues daycare in car accident death of her daughter

It is not unusual for people to be injured or even killed in Florida because of a negligent property owner failing to properly maintain his or her property. Often, this might happen because of a slip and fall accident or some other occurrence that can arise in a premises liability case. However, premises liability can apply in many types of situation.

What is the law for hazardous conditions of pits and holes in FL?

It's not uncommon in Florida for repairs to be underway on both residential and business properties. During the course of these projects, a pit or hole might be left open as the work is being done. Although it's often necessary for this to be the case, that does not assuage the responsibility of the company or individual who owns the property to make certain that other people are safe. There are laws in Florida regarding pits and holes that must be adhered to so that the public is safe from injury or death.

Seeking compensation after dog bites in Florida

The warm climate and benefits of living in Tampa and throughout Florida are known to residents and visitors from around the world. With an endless array of outdoor activities to pursue, it's no wonder that the state is a well-known travel destination. Along with that, however, are certain dangers that can befall people young and old. One that few consider as a significant risk is being bitten by a dog. However, a dog bite can result in serious injuries and even fatalities. Those who have been affected by dog bites need to understand that the property owner may be responsible for his or her pet, and in the right circumstances a legal filing may be brought after a dog bite.

What is the law for premises liability in a business in Florida?

When a person in Florida suffers injuries due to a wet floor or for some other reason while in an establishment, the question will automatically turn to how the law works in such a situation. Understanding the state statute when it comes to slip-and-fall accidents is important when considering how to proceed. Those who have been hurt need to understand what the law entails if they are contemplating litigation.

Premises liability and drowning accidents

Florida is known for its warm weather and outdoor activities throughout the year. Many people have pools in their homes or communities. While many owners and overseers are vigilant about proper safety practices when it comes to a pool, there is still a large number of injuries and drowning incidents. While some happen as a matter of circumstance, others are due to a negligent property owner. Premises liability can lay the foundation for filing a case to receive compensation after a pool accident.

$64.5 million verdict in Florida personal injury suit

Tampa readers may have read about the $64.5 million verdict in a recent local lawsuit involving a serious construction accident. Filed by a construction worker who was nearly killed when a prefabricated building fell on him at a construction site in 2009, the lawsuit named three companies, including the construction company the man worked for at the time of the accident, a fertilizer company that owned the site and another construction company that was hired to work on the site. A jury decided that the landowner bore most of the blame for the man's injuries.

State fair in Florida turns horrifying during accident

Premises liability accidents may come in all different forms. An accident may also occur in various places, in the parking lot of a retail store, in Florida's theme parks and even at a state fair. State fairs are exciting for most people in Tampa, Florida and in the rest of the U.S. However, what should have been an enjoyable day turned into horror for a Florida teenager.


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