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Changes to federal trucking regulations proposed

One of the biggest issues that the federal government is concerned with when it comes to regulating truck drivers is how to ensure safety. Federal trucking regulations affect people in Florida and across the country as they seek to prevent accidents involving these vehicles. Because these trucks are so large and travel long distances at great speeds, there is a significant chance of a crash with serious injuries and deaths. With that in mind the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration is moving forward with a new proposed rule to try and find those who do not adhere those implemented by the FMCSA.

Drowsy truck drivers still a major risk for a truck accident

With the number of trucks on the road in Florida there is a consistent danger that a crash involving one will occur. There can be many reasons for this, but one that should be preventable is the accident occurring because the driver is too drowsy to be on the road. Drivers are supposed to write down or electronically record their time spent driving and resting in a trucking log. However, there is still an issue with truck drivers falling asleep.

Study shows safety issues that can cause a truck accident

Floridians who spend any amount of time on the road realize that large trucks are an inescapable part of the landscape. With that, it is a constant danger that there will be a collision with a large truck. In many cases, a truck accident will be a multi-vehicle accident with serious injuries and fatalities. A study examined safety problems that truckers who drive long distances and their companies face.

What are the federal regulations for a qualified truck driver?

Encountering trucks when out on the road in Florida is often unavoidable. With that, it is also understood that there will occasionally be a truck accident. A collision involving a truck can be more dangerous and deadly given the size of the vehicles, the speeds at which they travel and the distances they have to cover. It is with these factors in mind that the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has federal trucking regulations for drivers of these trucks to be considered qualified.

Federal trucking regulations mandate electronic trucking logs

Truck drivers in Florida and across the United States are required to follow certain rules and regulations enacted by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. One important regulation involves the trucking log that drivers must complete to detail the amount of time they have spent on the road. This is to avoid the risk of a truck accident due to truck driver fatigue. Since drivers spend so much time on the road and frequently travel lengthy distances, the FMCSA seeks to ensure that drivers adhere to the required rest time.

Filing a lawsuit due to an unqualified truck driver in Florida

Since trucks are commonly encountered when on the road, there is an inherent trust factor that goes into sharing the road with them. Their vast size and the speeds at which they often travel make them a significant danger if there is a crash. In some instances, the accident is simply due to circumstances and nothing can be done to prevent it. However, there are other times that the truck company hired an unqualified truck driver and allowed the person to operate a vehicle that requires concentration and training.

Basic federal trucking regulations for hours and commerce

Federal trucking regulations are in place to make certain that a truck accident will not happen because of truck driver fatigue or pressure on the part of the truck company for a driver to work more than is deemed safe. This is important for Floridians because violators of these rules place themselves and others in danger. Large trucks are heavy and often travel at a high rate of speed making a truck accident a potentially deadly occurrence.

Possible causes of truck driver fatigue and accidents

The number of semi-trucks on the road in Florida can be daunting for other drivers. These vehicles are massive and are frequently traveling long distances at a high rate of speed. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) offers advice for drivers and companies to maintain proper safety procedures. For people who are concerned about being in a truck accident, the advice that the FMCSA offers can also provide a window into reasons why accidents caused by truck driver fatigue might occur by examining tips that drivers receive to avoid them.

Federal trucking regulations might be rolled back under new law

Trucks are a staple on the Florida roads bringing goods back and forth as well as providing jobs nationwide. The majority of truckers adhere to the rules of the road, as well as federal trucking regulations and do whatever they can to reduce the danger of a truck accident. While these drivers are making attempts to be safe, that is not completely true of all drivers. The idea behind the numerous regulations in place is that there will be consequences to companies and drivers for failing to abide by them. A new bill in the U.S. Senate might serve to deregulate the industry and lead to danger.

What are federal trucking regulations to prevent drowsy driving?

When out on the road in Tampa and throughout Florida, drivers, motorcyclists and pedestrians need to be aware of large trucks. These vehicles, while necessary for the transport of goods, can be dangerous due to their size and the attention that is required to operate them safely. Federal trucking regulations are in place to make certain that controllable issues surrounding drivers are adhered to.


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