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Posts tagged "Drunk Driving Accidents"

Drunk drivers can be liable for the harm suffered by victims

Drunk driving accidents can unexpectedly turn the lives of victims and their families upside down. For victims involved in a drunk driving accident, the consequences may be particularly serious and can result in injuries and, depending on the severity of the injuries suffered, a lifetime of challenges. In addition to the physical trauma suffered in a drunk driving accident, victims may also suffer emotional trauma.

Drunk driver in Tampa critically injures three

A recent drunk driving accident in Tampa left three people critically injured. Authorities reported the accident occurred in the early morning hours and closed one of Tampa's busiest streets. According to authorities, a drunk driver ran a red light and struck two other vehicles. The drivers of the two vehicles that were struck in the drunk driving accident, a 48-year-old man and 64-year-old woman, were in serious condition following the accident. A third victim was in critical condition following the drunk driving accident.

What protections are available to victims of drunk drivers?

If you or a family member has been injured or otherwise harmed by a drunk driver, you may wonder what legal protections are available to you. A variety of resources are available to any victim of a car accident negligently caused by another driver, including a drunk driver. Legal options can help victims of drunk driving accidents recover compensation for the physical, financial and emotional damages oftentimes suffered in a drunk driving accident.

Man receives sentence after victim paralyzed in DUI accident

Drive driving accidents can devastate the lives of victims. In a Southern Florida courtroom, a man was recently sentenced for paralyzing a 57-year old woman in a drunk driving accident. The 31-year old man was sentenced to 12 years for the DUI, reckless driving and drug charges he was facing related to the drunk driving accident. The victim of the drunk driving accident was left a paraplegic and continues to struggle and suffer pain as a result of the drunk driving accident.

Florida drunk driving accident leaves victims critically injured

Drunk driving accidents can unexpectedly, and significantly, disrupt the lives of victims. A drunk driving accident in a nearby Florida community recently left one man critically injured. The head-on drunk driving accident occurred as a result of a wrong way driver. A 32-year old driver of a Hummer was travelling southbound in the northbound lanes. The wrong-way driver crashed his Hummer SUV head on into the passenger vehicle being driven by the 22-year old victim of the accident. The drunk driver's blood alcohol content level, measured by a breath test, measured at .149 which is nearly double Florida's legal limit of .08. The drunk driver was arrested, taken to jail and charged with driving under the influence and another charge. He was later released on bail.

A look at the real problem of drunk driving on Florida streets

Unfortunately, impaired driving is a costly problem. Each year, it leads to injuries, deaths, property damage and arrests. During 2010, an estimated 4 million adults reported driving while impaired, which led to millions of drunk driving-related incidents. Drunk driving-related accidents resulted in nearly 14,000 deaths annually, at an estimated cost to Americans of greater than $37 billion each year.

Tampa Bay suffers a number of accidents during holiday weekend

The recent holiday weekend may have intended fun for everyone but a number of accidents caused injuries and worse for victims in the Tampa Bay area. Over the holiday weekend in the Tampa Bay area, a number of victims were injured in accidents and some accidents were also fatal. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety reports that the highest number of motorcycle and car accidents occur over the Fourth of July holiday.

Tampa Bay car accident statistics and the impact on victims

This blog recently discussed a drunk driving accident in Florida, and many Florida residents, especially those in the Tampa Bay area, may wonder how many drunk driving accidents occurred on their roadways last year. The Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles released preliminary statistics for 2015 including car accident, car accident injury and DUI statistic numbers.

Florida drunk driver charged following accident

The driver that recently caused a drunk driving accident in Florida that resulted in several injuries and a death was arrested on a drug-related DUI charge. The 24-year-old driver allegedly failed to stop his SUV at a red light in a nearby community northeast of Tampa and plowed into the other vehicles that were stopped at the light. The drunk driver did not slow down as he approached the cars parked at the light before striking them.


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