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Posts tagged "Premises liability"

Target settles woman's slip-and-fall lawsuit

Big corporations, particularly large retail firms, are concerned with their overall reputation. Their revenues and profits depend on their good name, as well as on their products and services. So protecting and maintaining a first-rate reputation is a priority. Part of that reputation is their care in protecting their customers from injuries or accidents on their premises.

Recent stadium accident concerns property owners

Watching a live game of your favorite sport at stadiums may have been a worthwhile experience for sports enthusiasts in Tampa, Florida. Stadiums are built to host various sporting events and they can accommodate more than ten thousand people. One thing remains unclear, however. This lack of clarity lies in the question of whether people are safe from potential accident-related injuries or fatalities.

Top Florida theme parks report injuries

The city of Tampa is well known for its great weather and recreational offerings. Many visit the city to enjoy the beautiful climate along with the city's amazing theme parks. However, these parks can easily become sites of premises liability incidents.

Investigation yields answers in deadly Florida elevator accident

Not long ago, investigators found answers in the death of a Tampa worker in a resort's elevator shaft. While conducting work at the bottom of the shaft, the elevator came tumbling down on the 45-year-old man. Tragically, he died as a result of his injuries.

Family trip to Florida ends in tragic accident at airport

Some of the best childhood memories are formed on family vacations. What was likely a fun and relaxing trip to Florida's beaches took a tragic twist for one family. While they were in the airport heading intending to head home, a fatal accident occurred that could raise concerns about premises liability.

Could Florida pet store have done more to prevent dog bite?

A leisurely weekend visit to a pet store could probably not have gone any worse for one Florida family. While his mother visited with other customers, a 6-year-old boy attempted to play with their dog, a pit bull. Unexpectedly, the dog bit the boy in the face, causing an injury serious enough to require stitches.

A Florida man's trip to Walmart leads to a fall

A trip to the hardware store or grocery store is usually a fairly uneventful activity. One finds the items on one's list, pays at the register, and heads back home. However, one Florida man's trip to Walmart a few years ago ended up changing his life.

Malfunctioning escalator creates panic, causes injuries

Many Florida residents have probably experienced a fall or two during their lives. Some of these falls may have been the result of tripping over a cord or on an uneven sidewalk square. Other falls are often the result of being thrown off balance for any one of a variety of reasons.

Girl bit by dolphin while visiting SeaWorld

For many children, a few distinct memories may account for their experiences in the first few years of life. While many events from childhood are not memorable, there are certain types of incidents that a child will probably never forget. For instance, children will likely always remember injuries like broken bones or dog bites, as these events could be traumatic.


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