Legal Guidance After Tragic Airplane Accidents

It seems that hardly a year goes by now without a fatal plane crash being reported on the news. While large jetliners receive a lot of media attention, smaller regional airlines and private pilots also have problems that result in airplane (and helicopter) crashes.

At the law office of Culpepper Kurland, our Tampa injury attorneys understand the challenges you are facing after an injury or the wrongful death of a loved one. We can advise you on what course of action to take if pilot error, maintenance errors or airplane defects caused the crash. We will fight to get you full and fair compensation for airplane accident injuries or wrongful death.

Captain, Crew Or Equipment Failure?

While large jetliners are built to withstand bad weather, smaller planes often cannot. Pilots are responsible for knowing when it is safe to fly. Pilots are not alone, however, in ensuring airplane safety. Negligence on the part of an air traffic controller, a ground crew member clearing a runway or a mechanic who fails to identify or fix a malfunction can all result in a plane crash.

Airplane accident injuries and fatalities leave spouses, children, parents and siblings behind to suffer with emotional trauma and loss.

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Did The Airline Ask You To Sign A Waiver Or Compensation Agreement?

Talk with an aviation attorney before you sign a liability waiver or compensation agreement offered by an airline. If you sign the form, you will not have the option to seek compensation based on your actual losses rather than the airline’s estimate. You will give up your right to take part in any class action lawsuit that may be filed against the airline. Our injury lawyers can help you make the best decision in your individual situation.

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