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Florida roads among most perilous in country

When it comes to being safe on the road, Florida is not the best place for a motorist - or passenger, cyclist or pedestrian. A recent study that was conducted by the website WalletHub - the "Safest States in the U.S." - puts Florida near the bottom in almost all of the categories that were considered in the findings. Overall, the Sunshine State was ranked 46th among the 50 states with regard to the safety of its citizens.

In assigning the rankings, WalletHub looked at five broad categories, each of which included several factors that were weighted according to their relevance to safety. The categories included personal and residential safety, financial safety, emergency preparedness, workplace safety and "road safety." Florida received its worst score among the five in the latter category: 47th in the country for road safety.

3 driverless vehicle projects to know about in Florida

Cars that could drive without someone behind the wheel was once simply an idea. Now, they are on the way to becoming a reality that people around the world will be able to experience within the next 15 years. Companies such as Google, Tesla, Ford, Uber and many others are creating and advancing the technology that is changing the motor industry. Many of these companies are taking their pilot vehicles to test in Florida where the state is working to establish itself as the nation’s center for these vehicles.


Report: Florida most dangerous state for motorcyclists

Last month was Motorcycle Safety Awareness month in Florida, however, it is clear from accident statistics that motorists must be safety conscious about motorcycles throughout the year. In much of the country, motorcycles are only a factor on roads during warmer months. However, Florida's mild weather means that motorcycles share the roads with other vehicles year-round.

This likely contributes to the fact that more fatal motorcycle accidents occur in Florida than in any other state in the nation. According to a Governors Highway Safety Association report, which compiled statistics from 2016 and preliminary data from 2017, 574 motorcyclists died in 2016. California followed Florida with 566 fatalities due to motorcycle accidents.

Commercial vehicle accidents can be complex in Florida

When a commercial vehicle is involved in a traffic accident, matters can be more complicated than in crashes between passenger vehicles. This is because commercial vehicles may be regulated by overlapping state and federal laws. Thus, when a commercial vehicle accident occurs in Florida, the investigation could involve local and state authorities, as well as federal agencies like the National Transportation Safety Board.

Because commercial vehicles are often so much larger than typical passenger vehicles, their potential to cause serious injury and damage is greatly increased. This is particularly true at highway speeds. Such extensive damage also means that accident reconstruction and investigation may take longer as investigators try and sort out what happened.

What to do when your rideshare trip results in an injury

You had a long week at school. In between classes and work, you had to study and write that paper. You were tired and just wanted to let loose for a night. As the weekend approached, you made plans with your friends. You decided to meet up for dinner and then have some drinks in downtown Tampa.

Since you are responsible, you planned ahead. You used your favorite rideshare company to get to the restaurant. Likewise, you used them again to get you home from the bar. Essentially, you did everything right. You knew it would be stupid to even consider driving yourself. You wanted to avoid an accident. Unfortunately, your ride home turned into a crash.

When to take away mom’s car keys

Most children cannot wait until the day they can take the car keys from mom and drive off with newfound independence. However, we rarely anticipate the day we have to take away the keys from our parents permanently.

It’s a horrible role reversal but a situation that most people deal with. Eventually, we all have a discussion with our senior parents about the dangers of driving– to themselves or others. While it is tempting to procrastinate the conversation for as long as possible, you want to address it before it’s too late.

Victims of drunk drivers are not alone

In Hillsborough County, throughout Florida and across the United States, drunk drivers are a major cause of motor vehicle crashes. Traffic safety experts implicate drunk driving in a large percentage of all accidents, and the behavior is the second leading cause of traffic deaths after speeding. Every year, thousands of people are killed by drunk drivers on the nation's roads.

Lawmakers have enacted strict measures in an attempt to reduce drunk driving. Hefty fines, penalties for refusing to submit to a chemical test, license revocation and jail are all potential penalties for a DUI arrest. And yet these penalties do not seem to prevent intoxicated people from getting behind the wheel of a car and hitting the streets, roads and highways of the Sunshine State.

Keyless ignitions pose risk for Florida residents

In Florida, and across the rest of the nation, dozens of people have become ill - and many have succumbed - due to the effects of carbon monoxide poisoning that was caused by cars with keyless ignitions. While this may not be the type of personal injury one would expect to be inflicted by an automobile risk, it is made deadlier exactly because it is not expected. The problem is caused by today's quieter modern engines, combined with vehicles that continue motoring even after the driver exits the passenger cabin and removes the fob.

A recent New York Times report that examined the issue found that many of the victims were older drivers who were accustomed to switching off engines by turning a key and removing them from the ignition. In these cases, the drivers likely did not hear the engine running and, by force of habit, believed that the engine was off when they removed the fob and entered their homes from an attached garage. The vehicle would then continue running until it was switched off or consumed all its fuel - and the home was filled with deadly carbon monoxide.

Florida drunk driver injures multiple victims

Legal protections are available to victims of drunk driving accidents. In a Northern Florida community, a 39-year-old man was recently arrested following a drunk driving accident that left several victims injured. The man is facing DUI charges, as well as other charges. According to reports, the two vehicles involved were travelling in opposite directions when the victim's vehicle initiated a left-hand turn and the vehicle driven by the drunk driver collided with it. The drunk driver ran from the scene of the accident.

Following the drunk driving accident, four victims in the car that was hit were taken to local hospitals for medical treatment of their injuries, some of them serious. The drunk driver is facing charges including violation of right of way; DUI with serious bodily injury to another; several charges related to fleeing the scene of an accident; as well as several other charges related to resisting arrest and administrative concerns and violations.

Fighting for your full recovery after a truck accident

Thousands of trucks travel through the Tampa area every day, and these large commercial vehicles play an important role in Florida's economy. However, due to their large size and weight, these vehicles can actually cause significant damage if involved in an accident with a smaller vehicle.

If you are struggling with injuries you suffered as a result of the negligent or reckless actions of a truck driver, you could have a rightful claim to financial compensation. It might be appropriate to seek these damages through a civil claim, but it is also possible to do through settlement negotiations.


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