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What is a hit-and-run car accident?

Surviving a car accident and coping with its aftermath can be a heavy burden for a Florida resident to bear. They may have to make difficult but important decisions about how to protect their legal rights all while dealing with physical injuries, time off from work and significant pain and suffering. Even when a victim knows who caused their losses and can work with them to resolve their disputes, the process may still be lengthy and tough.

Life for a car accident victim can be somewhat harder if the party who inflicted harm upon them is unknown. This may be the case if the victim was involved in a hit-and-run accident. Hit-and-run accidents can occur for car accident victims, pedestrian victims, motorcycle victims and others.

What does drinking alcohol do to the human body?

Individuals in Florida who have legally consumed alcoholic beverages may understand the effects that the substance has on the human body. Alcohol can change individuals' perceptions and can influence how they make decisions. It should come as no surprise to Florida residents, then, that alcohol can have a major effect on how safely and effectively individuals can drive their cars when they are under the influence.

For example, alcohol can impact how a person makes decisions and judgments. A person who is under the influence may not be able to recall how to appropriately respond in a dangerous driving situation and may cause a collision due to their inability to effectively process information. Similarly, alcohol can diminish a driver's responsiveness. Since alcohol can make a person tired, it can directly impact a driver's safe operating practices if they cannot hold their attention on the road.

Florida man killed in auto-pedestrian accident

Crossing a street should not be a dangerous activity, but an unfortunate number of individuals are hurt and killed each year when reckless and negligent drivers fail to uphold their duties to act reasonably. Just recently a 46-year-old man lost his life while he was attempting to cross State Road 60 in Mulberry, Florida.

The man and a child were crossing the road on their way to a food truck in the evening when the accident occurred. A vehicle swerved to avoid hitting them, but when it took its evasive maneuver it ended up colliding with the victim. Fortunately the child was uninjured in the incident but the man ended up passing away while still at the scene of the accident.

Could an untreated sleep disorder put you in harm's way?

Trucks are critical for the American economy, yet they also represent one of the biggest safety threats on the road. When these large and heavy vehicles collide with other vehicles, they can cause significant and catastrophic consequences. Because of the damage these vehicles can cause, it is critical for truckers to be as safe as possible.

There are many reasons why truck accidents happen in Florida. Speed, distracted driving, inexperienced truckers and other factors can increase the chance of a collision involving a truck. You may know all of these things are risky, but you may not realize how much certain types of health conditions can impact a driver's ability to safely drive a semitrailer. One of these issues is sleep apnea, and it may be more prominent than you realize.

Important information about negligence claims in Florida

Often when the victim of a car accident files a lawsuit to recover their losses, their claims will be based on the negligence of the other party. Negligence is a broad legal concept that generally applies when a person fails to meet a requisite duty of care to others in the situation that they are in. In the context of a car accident, negligence may involve a distracted driver who does not have their eyes on the road and who crashes into another vehicle, causing that vehicle's driver serious bodily injuries.

In some cases, victims of these and other Florida-based personal injury accidents can have up to 4 years to file their claims. However, it is important that individual victims seek legal help to understand what statutes of limitation may apply in their cases and not rely on this post as legal advice.

Is Florida's new distracted driving law effective?

As a Florida driver, you are probably aware of the extent of the distracted driving problem in the state. You have probably shared the road with drivers who are texting, emailing, looking at Facebook, eating, adjusting the radio or doing various other things while behind the wheel. To fight this problem, Florida legislators recently passed a law that makes using the phone while driving a primary offense.

As a primary offense, law enforcement can now pull drivers over if they see them texting or using their phones while driving. Despite this change, which many hoped would lead to safer roads, few police officers have actually written citations. It's difficult to determine whether this law has helped with the problem of distracted driving.

Compensation may be sought after a motorcycle accident

Not long ago, this blog discussed some of the ways that driver negligence may contribute to motorcycle accidents. Even when motorcyclists take every precaution, wear protective gear, and follow the rules of the road, they can be injured by inattentive, distracted, and even reckless drivers. Motorcycle accidents can cause serious injuries to victims and can leave them with extensive medical bills, ongoing pain, and difficulties returning to their regular lives.

The law firm of Culpepper Kurland recognizes that a motorcycle accident can be a traumatic and challenging experience. Not only must a victim endure the physical agony of their bodily injuries, but they must also grapple with the emotional stress of knowing how quickly such an accident can happen. Not every victim of a motorcycle accident is able to go back to work, and their struggles can deeply affect how they care for and support their loved ones.

Prevent dooring accidents with the Dutch Reach

Last year, Great Britain added a new instruction to its driving rulebook when it mandated that individuals use the Dutch Reach when exiting their parallel-parked cars. The Dutch Reach requires drivers to use their inside hand to open their doors. When a driver reaches across their body to open the car door, their body turns toward the road and the driver is forced to look over their shoulder. In this action, they are more likely to see an oncoming bicyclist and prevent a dangerous dooring accident.

Dooring happens when a driver opens their door into the path of a bicyclist, and this simple act of negligence can have devastating and deadly results. Across the United States and right here in Florida, men, women, and children can be hurt by dooring when they crash into car doors that have been opened into their paths. The Dutch Reach initiative may be a useful tool in combating these preventable and harmful forms of accidents.

Why do drivers have a heightened duty around kids?

Anywhere that automobiles and pedestrians cross paths there is the chance that accidents may occur. When a car or other motor vehicle collides with a person, the individual on foot often suffers serious and sometimes life-threatening injuries. In Florida, drivers have a duty to act reasonably when behind the wheels of their cars to prevent these often tragic situations.

However, when drivers operate their cars in places where children are often present, their duty is elevated. That is because children pose several risks that may not apply to older individuals. For example, young children may not have the impulse control to wait when traffic is present and may run out into roads and intersections when it is not safe for them.

Drunk driving accidents cause harm to victims

Not long ago this blog published a post regarding the effects of alcohol on a driver's body and the amount of alcohol that it takes for them to be intoxicated. While everyone responds to alcohol differently, alcohol generally dulls a driver's senses, impacts their coordination, and reduces their reactivity, thus rendering them unprepared to respond to road changes.

Over the Fourth of July week, many Floridians may be traveling to visit their friends and families, and many may attend parties where alcohol is served. While the responsible consumption of alcohol among adults is usually a safe practice, it can quickly become a life-threatening hazard if a drunk individual tries to drive. Victims of drunk driving accidents can suffer a myriad of injuries and can, in some severe cases, end up losing their lives.


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