Compassionate Help After An Accident Causing Loss Of A Limb

The loss of an arm or a leg in an accident is heartbreaking. This catastrophic injury can have a significant effect on your daily life, ability to work and self-esteem. Although a preventable amputation is always devastating, a great deal can now be done to help. Advancements with prosthetics are such that excellent functionality can be achieved for most people.

If you have lost a limb due to an auto accident or the negligence or wrongdoing of another party, you have the right to compensation for all of your losses — both physically and financially. The challenge injured people face after losing a limb is proving who was responsible for the accident and how much they have lost in terms of medical costs, lost wages and earning capacity, and physical pain and suffering. The lawyers of Culpepper Kurland can help.

Our Approach

This challenge can be met by working with an experienced and determined personal injury lawyer. At Culpepper Kurland, our injury attorneys have access to expert accident investigators who can determine how the accident occurred and who was at fault. We prepare every case thoroughly, whether we are negotiating a settlement with an insurance company or taking the case before a jury.

When you need a strong, experienced legal advocate on your side, contact our Tampa law office online or call us at 813.228.8600 to schedule a free consultation. Our firm is dedicated to getting results for injured people in the Tampa area and around Florida.

Our Proven Record Of Success

Our attorneys are experienced negotiators and aggressive litigators with a proven record of success both in and out of the courtroom. Our firm has obtained millions of dollars for our clients in personal injury claims, including cases involving catastrophic injuries. No matter how complex or challenging your case, we have the experience and resources to handle it.

Often, the loss of a limb is the result of crushing injuries in a motor vehicle accident. Motorcycle accidents, car wrecks involving large commercial vehicles and situations where a car or truck hits a bicyclist or pedestrian can be especially traumatic.

Each type of accident has unique aspects to consider. When necessary, we bring in accident reconstructionists to help us investigate the cause of the crash and to prepare explanatory materials for a jury. We will bring to your case all the resources needed for success.

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