Dangerous roadways in Tampa lead to concerns over safety

Tampa motorists are faced with several challenges when driving throughout the region.

There are several roadways in Florida that consistently rank as some of the most dangerous places for motorists to travel. Officials have tried to take measures to reduce the amount of accidents happening in some of these locations, but the number of crashes remains concerning.

Motorists around the Tampa area are quite familiar with some of the problem roadways near the region. A recent report by a local news station WKMG analyzed data concerning auto accidents compiled by the Florida Department of Highway Safety Motor Vehicles. They examined statistics from the last three years to learn which highways were the most dangerous within the state.

Hillsborough County faired very poorly in this study. The county’s section of Interstate 4 was the second most deadly stretch of that particular roadway, falling just behind a similar portion going through Seminole County. Overall, I-4 averaged 0.41 fatal crashes per mile, making it the deadliest highway in the state.

It is not just the major interstates in Tampa that have officials concerned. Other roads within city have also received significant attention due to an increase in traffic and potentially unsafe driving maneuvers. Individuals living near Arch Street and North Hines Avenue are seeing more individuals perform dangerous U-turns due to a construction project in the area. Drivers are turning around when they learn that they will be unable to access Interstate 275 due to the work being performed.

There are multiple signs informing motorists that U-turns are not permitted in the roadway, so, they are turning into private driveways to turn around. This has led to several close calls for many drivers, and some residents have put up their own signs in their yards to try to prevent the U-turns from happening. Police have started to patrol the area, but, they are unable to issue tickets to drivers using these private driveways. It is expected that the road work will be completed sometime next month.

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