Helping Tampa motorcyclists stay safe

Tips for avoiding catastrophe when riding motorcycles.

There have been a number of serious motorcycle accidents in the Tampa community recently. Some families have even lost loved ones in these crashes. These crashes have served as a reminder to motorcyclists that there is the potential that they may be involved in an accident nearly any time they take to the area roadways.

Many of the news stories regarding these crashes have offered important tips for both motorcyclists and motorists in the hopes that these deadly accidents may be avoided in the future. As more motorcyclists take the roads during the busy summer driving season, it is a good idea for all parties to take a moment to review some of these tips.

Motorcyclists should try to wear bright clothing, as this may make them more visible to other motorists nearby. Often, many of these crashes are caused because the drivers simply do not see the riders, and bright or reflective clothes could reduce the chances of an accident happening. When approaching intersections, motorcyclists need to pay close attention, because frequently, drivers will turn into their lanes with little notice. If the riders are not prepared, they could lose control over their motorcycles.

Motorists need to check their blind spots before changing lanes. Motorcycles can be difficult to see, and some drivers may think it is clear without looking closely. Drivers should also refrain from using their cellphones while behind the wheel, as this distraction could lead them to drift into other lanes, forcing motorcyclists to take evasive action.

If you or a loved one has been injured in a motorcycle accident, you need to protect your rights. You may have claims for compensation from the responsible parties. Their insurance companies may immediately contact you with offers to settle your case as quickly as possible, and these offers may seem appealing, especially if you are struggling financially because of the accident.

However, if you accept their offers, you will be restricted to the terms and conditions contained in the settlement. If your injuries prove to be more severe that initially anticipated, you will be unable to recover additional compensation to help address the costs associated with this care.

Speak to an experienced personal injury attorney before you make any choices about your specific situation. Your attorney will have a clear understanding of the value of your claims, and will be able to pursue a fair offer from these insurance companies. It is extremely important that you have someone on your side who knows the tricks that these companies use to try to settle your claims for less than they are worth.