Many Floridians failing new written driving test

High fail rates have officials taking a closer look at changes made to state’s driving test.

In order to obtain a driver’s license in Florida, there are specific requirements that an individual must satisfy. If the applicant is a new resident of the state from another country, or a teen driver attempting to receive his or her first license, the individuals will need to complete a written exam as part of the process.

Older versions of this test were believed to be very easy to pass. There were 20 questions concerning basic driving information, and then additional questions based on specific road signs. It is believed that individuals could obtain exact copies of the questions that would be asked just by searching on the Internet for the exam.

The state has recently made the test much more difficult, in the hopes that it would lead to fewer accidents on state roadways. However, the changes may have made things much harder than expected, as three out of every five test takers are failing the test, according to the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (DHSMV).

The new test started in January of 2015. It contains 50 questions, testing general driving knowledge as well as the meaning of certain road signs. There are many different possible question combinations that a driver will receive, as this reduces the chances that a person will receive the same test as someone else. Applicants must score 80 percent or higher to receive a passing grade.

When the new test was initially proposed, officials hoped that it would yield a 70 percent passing rate. Since its inception, 310,000 people have taken the test, with only 41 percent passing. Certain counties have struggled more than others, with some counties having a pass rate below 20 percent.

The test changes were made in order to help reduce the number of serious accidents caused by new drivers. Florida has experienced a significant increase in the number of teens in accidents over the years, according the DHSMV. Their numbers show that teen driving accidents have risen 35 percent over their most recent reporting period, which covers 2010-2013.

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