Florida driver runs red light and kills woman

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It is unfortunately a common occurrence that a driver following traffic rules is seriously injured or dead after a car accident. This type of accident occurred earlier this week in Spring Hill, Florida. An older woman who had a green light was making a left turn when a pickup truck slammed into her vehicle.

The pickup truck allegedly ran a red light and then crashed into the driver’s side of the older woman’s car. This woman was declared dead at the accident site. However, the driver of the pickup only suffered minor injuries.

Authorities are looking into the accident to gain a better understanding of what led up to the accident’s occurrence. As the pickup truck ran a red light and was not supposed to be driving through the intersection when the vehicles collided, the driver of the pickup truck appears to be at fault.

Because this older woman’s vehicle happened to be moving through the intersection when the pickup driver ran a red light, this older woman died just days before the holidays. Even though she was following the rules of traffic, she died in the car accident. Family and friends of this woman have likely been questioning why this type of accident occurred. While a person may recognize that this type of tragic accident just happens sometimes, coming to terms with a loved one’s death in a car accident is still difficult.

When a driver does get into an accident like this and is injured because of another driver’s negligence, intoxication, or distraction, the injured person may have reason to file a personal injury lawsuit. This may help ensure that the victim or the victim’s family can pay medical bills or any other unexpected expenses resulting from the accident.

Source: Tampa Bay Times, “Patrol: Driver running red light kills Spring Hill woman,” Dec. 23, 2012

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