Children receive prosthetic limbs from Florida foundation

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As anyone who has experienced a serious injury knows, they usually occur unexpectedly. When a serious injury does happen, families are probably in shock and unsure how to proceed after the injury. For instance, one young Florida man was in a boating accident as a teenager and lost both of his legs to the boat’s propeller in the accident. His mother explains she was shocked when the accident occurred.

Since the accident, the young man has successfully used prosthetics and even started a foundation dedicated to helping children who cannot afford expensive prosthetic limbs receive prostheses as they grow. Since children outgrow prostheses fairly quickly, the foundation covers the cost of replacement prosthetic limbs for each child as well.

The foundation this young man established has already helped a number of children who either lost limbs to an injury or were born without a limb. With the prosthetic limbs these children receive, they are able to take part in activities with their peers.

Since prosthetic limbs are so expensive-it can cost approximately $100,000 for all prostheses required for a child from age 4 to age 18 or 20-many families cannot afford to continuously replace their child’s prostheses as the child outgrows old prosthetic limbs.

So far 7 children have benefitted from this organization. Other children who lose limbs in accidents or are born without a limb may not be so lucky to receive prostheses through this type of foundation, though.

However, if a person loses limbs in an accident that was caused by another person’s negligence, like in a drunk driving accident, it may be possible to file a lawsuit seeking compensation for medical expenses that resulted from the accident. Recovering from a serious injury can be extremely challenging. While financial compensation does not make the process of recovery any easier, it may ease financial worries during this uncertain time.

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