How long before I receive my auto claim settlement?

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When you have sustained injuries in a car accident in Florida, your first thoughts are probably about getting healing. However, once you realize what lies ahead in recovery, thoughts often turn to how much time will pass before you receive a settlement for a mishap caused by another driver. While you will find no hard rule, payments generally take several weeks to several months to resolve.

Timing depends on accident severity and other factors

When auto accidents occur in Florida, state laws require insurers to follow a strict timeline for claims. Once victims have filed a claim, the insurer has 14 days to acknowledge it. The company then has 90 days to make a decision and submit a final payment. This time frame begins once the insurer receives completed proof of loss forms.

Accident investigations have the most significant impact on how long a claim takes to process. Claims with severe or multiple injuries take longer to settle, as do mishaps where it is unclear which driver was at fault. Poor communication between the drivers involved, insurance adjusters, and the insurer can slow the process.

If the settlement takes longer than anticipated, the insurer must explain in writing. Once the case has been resolved, the insurance company will notify you of the payout. You are not obligated to take the first offer, which is often low, and can continue negotiations with the company.

What happens if the settlement isn’t enough to cover my costs?

Many insurance companies are notorious for denying claims or not providing enough funds to cover victims’ costs, especially when injuries are extensive. If you believe the insurance company has not negotiated in good faith, you can file a bad faith lawsuit to receive a fair settlement amount along with interest and penalties.

In some instances, you may consider filing a claim against the driver who caused the accident. A successful lawsuit in either situation can provide compensation for many different expenses. These include medical bills, rehabilitation costs, lost wages while you recover, compensation for full or partial disability and pain and suffering.


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