Driver causes fatal crash after fleeing Tampa crime scene

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On a recent evening, Tampa police responded to the scene of a serious single-car crash. Just before the vehicle collided with a roadside wall, the driver was fleeing from the scene of a criminal act at a convenience store.

Reports indicate that a group of four people in the car stole a case of beer from the store and sped away in an SUV. The driver lost control when trying to pass another vehicle and evade the potential consequences of the theft. As the vehicle overturned, three of the occupants sustained fatal injuries and the fourth was brought to the hospital in critical condition.

Fortunately, no other vehicles became involved in the crash, but this single-car accident caused a lot of damage on its own. Witnesses to the accident say that the driver was speeding excessively just before crashing, which could be construed as negligence.

Although the driver was one of the people who died in this crash, the other victims or their families may have the ability to pursue civil claims against the woman’s estate. This would help recover any financial or emotional damage sustained as a result of the fatal crash.

The unique aspects of this case, however, could play a role in any further legal action. Since there was theft involved in this case, liability could be impacted. As such, it will be important to investigate this aspect of the case to see exactly who was responsible for the crime at the convenience store. Like many other accidents, the details of this one are pretty complicated. Receiving the results of any accident or criminal or accident investigations could help resolve many questions for those who lost loved ones in this crash.

Source: The Daytona Beach News-Journal, “3 dead, 1 hurt in Tampa crash after stealing beer,” April 15, 2013

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