Multi-truck accident on Florida Turnpike causes 1 injury

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In the early hours of a recent morning, three trucks became tangled in an accident. Emergency crews responded to the crash site on the Florida Turnpike to find that a U-Haul truck and a cement mixer collided with a commercial truck as it entered the highway.

Reports also detail the fact the cement and moving trucks were headed north on the highway when the driver of the commercial truck tried to enter the roadway from a nearby construction site. Although the wreck could have been much worse, as is often the case with truck accidents, one person still emerged with injuries.

The Florida Highway Patrol cleared up the accident, but it blocked traffic for a couple hours. In the coming days, authorities may continue to mull over the details of the crash to determine which driver or drivers is considered to be at fault.

It could be found that the driver emerging from the construction site should have exercised more caution when merging onto the highway. At the same time, the other trucks could have played a role in the accident as it may have been best to move over into the other lane to allow the vehicle to enter the road.

As is the case in most accidents, those involved should seek medical attention as necessary and continue to monitor their conditions in the event that injury symptoms show up days or weeks after the incident. If this happens, it may be best to determine what legal options are available, which may include the ability to pursue compensation for injuries and other damages sustained as a result the accident.

Source: Sun Sentinel, ” Three-truck crash closes northbound Turnpike for hours,” April 12, 2013


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