Florida semitruck accident causes explosions and closes road

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Trucks are a constant sight on most highways between urban centers. They present a constant threat to other vehicles because of their size, but they become a genuine cause for concern when drivers or trucking companies are negligent. A recent semitruck accident that caused injuries and massive roadside damage is a case in point.

In Fort Meyers, Florida, just south of Tampa, a semitruck carrying auto parts was making a left turn onto a local street from U.S. Highway 41 and collided with a black sedan. A series of blasts produced by exploding tires, air shocks and cylinders started a fire that sent smoke billowing into the air and could be seen for miles. Fortunately, both the truck and sedan drivers were taken to the hospital with only minor injuries.

Witnesses reported hearing at least three small explosions that were attributed to the truck’s contents. The fire was eventually put out by firefighters using foam, but the roads remained closed as emergency personnel removed the wreckage.

Unqualified and inexperienced drivers — whether driving passenger vehicles or large tractor-trailers — can be more prone to errors such as speeding, distracted driving from cell-phone use or texting and disregarding traffic regulations, all of which make them liabilities to other motorists on the road. Unfortunately, this can be costly for everyone on the road.

Because of the tremendous size of trucks, people involved in an accident with them can suffer debilitating injuries to their spinal cord, neck or brain as well as broken bones. These kinds of injuries are not only painful but can also be costly because of the long-term care required and if the victim is a working adult, there may be lost wages. If negligence was involved, however, a victim can seek compensation from the driver, or the trucking company, to help pay medical costs and cover any loss of income.

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