Man allegedly crashes into Tampa woman on July 4, then flees

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The Fourth of July holiday weekend is popular for many people in Tampa, Florida. It is an opportunity to celebrate national unity with friends and family. It is also one of those times in the year when major car accidents occur, unfortunately.

In nearby Riverview, a couple ran out of gas early in the morning of Independence Day and they ran into a tragic accident that left the woman with serious injuries. A passerby fortunately saw her and called 911; the 33-year-old woman was then taken to a Tampa Hospital, where she had two surgeries. She is facing months of additional surgeries and physical therapy.

According to reports, the woman was the passenger of the vehicle when it ran out of gas. She left the car and crossed the road to get gasoline at a nearby station. A 26-year-old man from the town hit her with his car. The victim is a mother of three.

Police arrested the man the next day after searching the town. Officers found his car in a popular lake area covered with a sheet, allegedly to hide damages. It was determined that the evidence matched the debris on the vehicle at the crime scene. The man is now charged with leaving the scene of a crash with injury and could be facing considerably serious penalties.

The family is relying on prayers and bracing themselves for a long recuperation period with physical therapy as well as additional surgeries.

Hit-and-run accidents, especially those with aggravating circumstances that result in another person’s serious injuries, are considered serious offenses in Tampa. A person who commits such an offense may lose his or her license and may have to pay a large fine and possibly serve time in jail.

A personal injury legal professional may be able to inform the victim about available options. The legal professional can also assist in claiming financial compensation for lost wages, medical expenses and grief.

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