Recent stadium accident concerns property owners

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Watching a live game of your favorite sport at stadiums may have been a worthwhile experience for sports enthusiasts in Tampa, Florida. Stadiums are built to host various sporting events and they can accommodate more than ten thousand people. One thing remains unclear, however. This lack of clarity lies in the question of whether people are safe from potential accident-related injuries or fatalities.

The safety of stadiums from accidents became the highlight of the news recently. The controversy arose following a fatal fall accident involving a football fan. According to sources, the fan tumbled over the fourth level railing at a stadium and fell to his death. The victim fell 85 feet below.

Reports stated that this case was the third stadium fall accident that occurred at the Atlanta stadium in the past years. The Institute for the Study of Sports Incidents added that there were more than two dozen incidents of fans falling at stadiums throughout the country since 2003.

As a result, the designs of stadiums are scrutinized in order to identify if the protective railings and the overall structure are meeting certain safety guidelines. All 50 states, including Florida, are required to comply with the International Building Code that implements specific building guidelines to ensure the public’s safety.

The top concern of building owners should be the safety of the visitors and customers. Property owners have a responsibility to comply with building codes as well as to warn the visitor of potential dangers on the premises. Not complying with the guidelines can be the property owner’s liability in the event of an accident that results in injuries or death to the visitors.

Premises liability accidents may stem from negligent acts of property owners. If that is the case, the injured party may wish to pursue payment for damages caused by the incident. Proving negligence may be critical under such circumstances, which is why the assistance of a legal professional may be vital for those concerned.

Source: The Tampa Tribune, “Despite safety measures, stadium falls occur,” Aug. 14, 2013


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