Vehicle-motorcycle accident kills Florida man

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While Florida’s weather is ideal for motorcycle riding, motorcyclists still face certain risks on the road, such as minimal visual recognition. Motorcycles share the road with other vehicles, such as commercial trucks and cars. However, there are instances when motorists fail to notice motorcycle riders traveling the road with them, putting motorcycle riders at a great disadvantage.

Authorities recently responded to a traffic accident near the entrance of War Veterans Memorial Park in Seminole, which is less than 30 miles from Tampa. According to sources, the vehicle-motorcycle accident occurred at Bay Pines Blvd and Seminole Boulevard late in the afternoon. The incident occurred when a motorcycle that a 20-year-old man was riding collided with a pickup truck. A 67-year-old driver and four passengers were in the pickup truck at the time of the crash.

Everyone in the pickup truck was taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries. Unfortunately, the motorcycle rider died due to his injuries from the accident. Police are still investigating the accident.

It may be common knowledge for many Floridians that motorcycle riders have minimal protection whenever they ride. Helmets and other protective gear may not be enough in the event of a motor-vehicle accident.

Drivers in other vehicles should keep their focus on the road so that they notice motorcycles and exercise due caution. Doing so may allow drivers to react quickly under all circumstances. However, even if a vehicle driver operates the vehicle safely, a vehicle-motorcycle accident can still happen, which may result in severe injury, damages or the death of a motorcycle rider.

Florida motorcycle riders have the legal right to seek compensation in the event of a motorcycle accident. A victim of a motorcycle accident may file a personal injury lawsuit from the other party involved, particularly if the person believes that negligence contributed to the crash. If negligence can be proven, the injured party can claim physical and emotional damages caused by the accident.

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