Target settles woman’s slip-and-fall lawsuit

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Big corporations, particularly large retail firms, are concerned with their overall reputation. Their revenues and profits depend on their good name, as well as on their products and services. So protecting and maintaining a first-rate reputation is a priority. Part of that reputation is their care in protecting their customers from injuries or accidents on their premises.

In a recent slip-and-fall lawsuit against a national retail firm, a woman claims that in March 2010 she sustained injuries after slipping and falling on an unsafe walkway in one of Target’s stores in West Virginia. The slip-and-fall victim claims that, while walking down an aisle, she slipped on an unmaintained pathway. The suit states that the chain has the duty to inspect and properly clean the floors but the store failed to do so.

The woman and her husband sought compensation for damages, medical expenses and court fees. Reportedly, the retailer has agreed to settle the case. Although the plaintiffs did not disclose the exact amount of damages, it is believed to exceed $75,000.

Property owners need to be constantly aware of the safety of their premises. Any unsafe condition or hazard can result in customer injuries, and it must be remedied before that happens. Failing to do so may constitute negligence on the part of the property owner and can lead to a premises liability accident, resulting in injury to a victim.

In that case, an injured party in Tampa, Florida or elsewhere in the country may be entitled to compensation. By means of a premises liability lawsuit, victims may claim repayment for medical costs, lost wages and emotional distress. Depending on the circumstances, other awards and benefits may be available.

Source: West Virginia Record, “Slip-and-Fall Against Target Settled,” Kyla Asbury, Sept. 5, 2013


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