Teacher killed, student injured in Florida car collision

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A slight miscalculation while driving can result in a devastating outcome. In Lake Alfred, Florida, less than 60 miles west of Tampa, a driver who tried to beat a red light reportedly caused a crash that killed a teacher.

According to a witness, a 22-year-old Winter Haven, Florida, man was driving a pickup truck east in an inside lane approaching an intersection where a 44-year-old woman, driving north, was stopped at the traffic light. The light turned green and the woman began turning westbound when the pickup truck ran a red light and hit the driver’s side of the car in the middle of the intersection.

The teacher died at the scene; her 18-year-old female passenger, a student at the school where the deceased taught, was transported to a hospital with minor injuries. Responders also transported the pickup truck driver to the hospital with minor injuries. Police stated that intoxication was not a likely factor in the accident and all the persons involved were wearing seatbelts. Charges against the pickup truck driver are pending.

Driving without regard for traffic signals compromises the safety of all vehicles on the road. Inattention also increases the chance that a car accident will occur, permanently changing the lives of all persons involved.

Negligent drivers may face civil and criminal liabilities for their actions. Victims suffer emotionally from the negligent actions of others. Additionally, financial burdens must be met, including medical expenses and funeral costs. If a driver is proven negligent, the family of the deceased and any injured party may wish to consider a personal injury lawsuit to get compensation for their loss.

Source: The Daily Ridge, “Polk County Teacher Killed in Lake Alfred Car Accident,” Nov. 14, 2013


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