Alleged slip-and-fall victim files lawsuit against Target

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Tampa customers of Target may find a pending Louisiana case of particular interest. A franchise store in the New Orleans suburb of Kenner is being sued by a customer who claims he sustained slip-and-fall injuries while shopping in the store.

According to the man’s lawsuit, which has been filed in a Louisiana court, in June, 2013, the customer stepped on a puddle of water on the floor, which caused him to slip and fall and sustain serious injuries that necessitated extensive medical treatment.

The alleged victim filed a lawsuit in late December, accusing the store and its employees of negligence. The plaintiff is seeking an award of damages for loss of earning capacity, lost wages, medical expenses, loss of life’s pleasures, mental anguish and physical pain and suffering.

The plaintiff could receive compensation if the court rules that the defendant was negligent in causing the accident. The court would also determine the amount of any awards and damages that would go to the plaintiff.

Slip-and-fall accidents are a common concern for residents throughout the country, including Florida. They often result from property owners and employees failing to address dangerous property conditions such as icy sidewalks, wet floors and unsecured floor coverings that put their customers’ health and safety at risk. A slip-and-fall accident can result in serious injuries, including brain injury and even death, in some cases.

In the event of a slip and fall accident, a victim in Florida should explore legal remedies that may allow him or her to secure compensation for losses and related costs.

In filing a premises liability claim, a plaintiff must provide sufficient convincing evidence to support the lawsuit. The accounts and testimony of eyewitnesses and other substantiating information such as videos from closed-circuit TV cameras can be used to strengthen the case. The victim would also be wise to seek legal assistance in order to secure better results.

Source: The Louisiana Record, “Target sued by man claiming he was seriously injured after slipping and falling in water puddle,” Kyle Barnett, Jan. 15, 2014


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