Motorcyclist killed on Florida Turnpike near Palm City

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A motorcyclist was killed recently in an afternoon accident in Martin County. The accident occurred in the northbound lanes of the Florida Turnpike just south of the exit for Stuart and Palm City.

The identity of the motorcyclist was not released.

Very likely the family of the man killed will be devastated on hearing the news. It will be important for the family to ask traffic authorities how the accident occurred. If there was negligence on the part of other motorists, surviving family members of the victim can seek legal remedies.

A wrongful death lawsuit can arise from a fatal car crash just as easily as from a fatal workplace accident or fatal incident of medical malpractice. If death could have been prevented by a party exercising due caution, then a wrongful death suit can be argued.

Aside from death and negligence, surviving family members who sustain financial injury due to the sudden loss of a loved one can also bring a wrongful death suit.

Another way to hasten the case is to conduct a private investigation. The immediate family members of the deceased may seek help from forensics and accident reconstructionist specialists. They can also gather witnesses’ accounts, which could provide details about the fatal crash.

In Florida, surviving family members of a victim should discuss the possibility of a lawsuit with a legal professional who can analyze the claim and determine the appropriate amount to seek in awards and damages. The amount should be sufficient to alleviate pain and suffering of family members and cover incurred losses such as funeral expenses.

Source:, “Fatal motorcycle crash closes Florida’s turnpike northbound lanes at Palm City, FHP says,” Liz Balmaseda, Jan. 4, 2014


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