Despite helmet, motorcyclist dies from collision with car

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A 54-year-old motorcyclist was killed recently in an early morning accident when a car driven by a 34-year-old man collided with the motorcyclist in Wesley Chapel. The biker was heading west when the car stopped at a stop sign at Nashville Drive and then turned left onto County Line Road and into the path of the motorcyclist.

The rider was thrown from his vehicle and suffered fatal injuries, according to the Florida Highway Patrol. An FHP report stated he had been wearing a helmet. Charges are expected in the motorcycle collision.

Motorcycles are a common means of transportation throughout Florida. Although they offer a unique sense of freedom, motorcycles also present the very real risk of serious and often fatal injuries. Motorcyclists are advised to ride with extreme caution because their vehicles offer less protection in the event of a motorcycle accident. Even protective gear such as helmets can only reduce the chances of catastrophic injuries upon collision.

A motorcycle accident, just like any form of traffic accident, is thoroughly investigated by the authorities to determine the negligent party. The surviving family members of the deceased should follow the investigation closely to determine whether they have a chance to press a claim for damages against the car driver. Another way to determine if the driver was responsible for the crash is to conduct a private investigation with the help of accident reconstructionist and forensic specialists.

If an investigation shows that another driver’s actions were responsible for a crash, then surviving family members can file a wrongful death lawsuit. Filing suit will require enough convincing evidence to show negligence on the part of the responsible party. Once negligence is proven, a plaintiff is likely to be awarded compensation based on his or her losses.

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