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May 2014 Archives

Florida family stresses need for cruise ship lifeguards

Most states, including Florida, either recommend or require that owners of pools that routinely entertain young children have lifeguards on duty to prevent drownings. Unfortunately, this responsibility does not seem to extend to the cruise industry, which has reported the drownings or near drownings of four children in the past year.

Tractor-trailer accident leaves one injured, another critical

Besides being massive, trucks are also not known for their maneuverability. For this reason, truck drivers should have the necessary skills and experience before getting behind the wheel. Automobile drivers should also be extra cautious, as a single miscalculation can cause a truck accident that can result in serious injuries and even the loss of life.

Interstate motorcycle accident leaves two injured, driver charged

During a motorcycle crash, riders and their passengers usually suffer the most severe consequences. They can incur devastating injuries, including injuries to the spinal cord or brain, or even multiple broken bones. For this reason, Florida riders are advised to take extra precautions to prevent accidents. However, other motorists should also exercise the same level of safety. If they don't they can be held liable if they cause a motorcycle accident.

NTSB releases initial findings on fatal bus and truck accident

Florida residents were as horrified as other Americans by the aftermath of the April 10 bus and truck crash in northern California. The accident killed 10 people and injured many more. Recently, the National Transportation Safety Board released its initial findings as to what led up to the truck accident.

Water-safety tips can keep Florida residents safe from drowning

Florida is well known for its coastal beaches, recreational lakes and swimming pools. Unfortunately, the state also leads the country each year in drowning-related deaths of children 5 years old and younger. As spring weather renews everyone's interest in swimming, safety has to be at the forefront of every citizen's mind to prevent drowning and swimming-related injuries.


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