NTSB releases initial findings on fatal bus and truck accident

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Florida residents were as horrified as other Americans by the aftermath of the April 10 bus and truck crash in northern California. The accident killed 10 people and injured many more. Recently, the National Transportation Safety Board released its initial findings as to what led up to the truck accident.

The NTSB report found that the crash occurred at around 5:40 p.m. when a southbound FedEx truck hauling two trailers was traveling in the right lane of Interstate 5 in Orlando. At the same time, a bus carrying 43 high school students, three adult chaperones and the driver was traveling in the northbound right lane. For some reason, the truck moved left and hit a sedan, causing the car to spin off the highway and into a 58-foot graveled median area. The truck then traveled through the median and struck the bus.

The drivers of the bus and the truck were both killed as were eight passengers on the bus. Many others sustained injuries, including the driver and a passenger of the sedan hit by the truck.

The NTSB corrected earlier reports that the truck was on fire right before the accident. It has also said it has not yet determined the actual cause of the accident.

The first of what might end up being many lawsuits has been filed; a $100-million action filed by the parents of a high school student who died in the crash. It names FedEx and the deceased driver’s estate as defendants.

A truck accident caused by another person’s negligence can be a cause for legal action in any state, including Florida, especially if a victim is injured or dies. In most cases, a driver can be held responsible. In addition to this, a trucking company can be held liable if it did not adhere to federal trucking regulations.

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