Tractor-trailer accident leaves one injured, another critical

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Besides being massive, trucks are also not known for their maneuverability. For this reason, truck drivers should have the necessary skills and experience before getting behind the wheel. Automobile drivers should also be extra cautious, as a single miscalculation can cause a truck accident that can result in serious injuries and even the loss of life.

A recent tractor-trailer accident, north of Tampa, Florida, clearly demonstrates the extensive damage a truck crash can cause. According to the Florida Highway Patrol, the incident happened around 2:15 p.m. at West New York Avenue. A school bus carrying 16 people, 14 of whom were students, was stopped to unload passengers. An eastbound sedan also stopped while the bus was unloading passengers. However, a tractor-trailer traveling behind the sedan failed to stop and ended up rear-ending the car.

The impact of the collision sent the car crashing into the path of the school bus, which had just started to move. The truck swerved off the roadway and turned on its side. The driver of the sedan was taken to a hospital and remains in critical condition. A student was also treated at the hospital for minor injuries. The truck driver also sustained minor injuries. The Florida Highway Patrol is still investigating other details of the truck accident and charges against the truck driver are pending the results of that investigation.

In truck accidents, other motorists usually receive the brunt of the injuries. In a situation where the truck driver is negligent, victims can hold the driver liable. A personal injury lawsuit can hold the driver accountable and may also result in compensation to victims.

Florida accident victims usually go through numerous challenges after being injured such as paying for growing medical expenses, loss of income and emotional distress. Compensation may help cover the costs of these challenges to help victims during the recovery process.

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