Couple recuperates from injuries after motorcycle accident

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A motorcycle ride around Florida can be a liberating experience and can get a driver to a desired destination faster and with less gasoline expenses. A drawback to riding a motorcycle is the limited safety protection for the rider and passenger in the event of a crash. When motorists exercise extra caution, a motorcycle accident can be avoided but a recent accident is exemplar of the injurious effects when a motorcycle meets car on the road.

The recent accident involved a Florida couple that was out enjoying a ride through Brandon when a white SUV suddenly pulled out in front of the motorcycle causing the motorcyclist to crash into the vehicle. The female passenger was thrown from the bike and hit the street hard enough to lose consciousness. The bike driver sustained a broken leg and was unable to move and looked to the driver for help. The female driver of the SUV made eye contact with the injured rider and then left the accident scene in a hurry, ignoring pleas for assistance.

The couple was transported and treated at a hospital where the motorcycle driver remains hospitalized and his passenger was later released. According to doctors, the couple will need weeks to recover and in the meantime, police will search for the negligent, hit-and-run driver who is responsible for their injuries.

A Tampa resident involved in a similar scenario can seek a legal recourse and hold the driver legally responsible for the accident. Compensation for a motorcycle accident victim can also be sought to cover for medical expenses, lost wages and other damages. A personal injury suit could provide the injured party with a monetary award. This could be used to cover expenses and damages associated to the accident.

A motorcycle crash could happen suddenly and could leave those involved with catastrophic injuries. Those affected by a negligent driver should seek to understand their situation. Seeking guidance could make them aware of their rights and could assist them with filing a cause of action.

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