Family’s walk results in unexpected accident in Florida

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Just as in any city in the nation, car accidents in Tampa Bay, Florida can happen at any time. It may involve another driver, a motorcyclist or a pedestrian enjoying a simple walk in the park. Unfortunately, if such an incident happens, the potential damages can be serious to the victims. Take, for example, a young family who was recently injured in a car crash.

According to a report, a mother and father and their infant son were walking on the sidewalk on Chatlin Road near Cincinnati Drive when the unexpected car accident happened. A vehicle that was driving southbound on Chatlin hit the 17-year-old father. The impact of the crash pushed the dad into the mother and overturned the stroller that was holding their four-month-old child. The Florida Highway Patrol stated that the driver of the vehicle initially stopped after the crash. However, he allegedly then fled the scene.

The car accident caused internal injuries and minor abrasions to the baby. He was transported to St. Joseph’s Hospital in Tampa, Florida. The mother was rushed to Trinity Medical Center for minor injuries also. The father received treatment for minor injuries at the scene. Police now are looking for information regarding the vehicle involved, which is believed to be a 2000-era Carolina blue Crown Victoria. The driver, believed to be a white male in his late 20’s or early 30’s, is the suspected hit-and-run driver.

No person wants to hit another driver or pedestrian while they are behind the wheel. Regardless if a car crash is purely an accident or stems from negligence, a driver should inform the police about the crash and stay at the scene. Otherwise, criminal charges and legal responsibilities may be issued against the driver. The driver may also be charged with leaving the accident scene and be held liable for the victim’s medical costs, rehabilitation and punitive damages.

Source: The Tampa Tribune “Family injured in Pasco hit-and-run; driver sought,” July 26, 2014


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