Florida woman wins $4.3 million for car accident injuries

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Doing more than one thing at a time seems as if it would be a wise use of someone’s time and abilities. Unfortunately, when it comes to doing things that require extended periods of focus, multitasking is a bad idea. As many Floridians know, it is especially perilous when someone is driving.

Every driver is responsible for knowing that almost every use of a cellphone or smartphone is a bad idea when a driver is behind the wheel of a vehicle. Unfortunately, one driver allegedly used his mobile phone while driving in December 2010 and became involved in a car accident with a tractor-trailer that ended up severely injuring his 26-year-old girlfriend. According to the lawsuit filed by the woman, the car being driven by her boyfriend at the time was eastbound on a county road when it entered U.S. Highway 1 and was hit by the tractor-trailer. According to the Florida Highway Patrol, the driver of the 2004 Mitsubishi Montero Sport ran a stop sign and went directly into the path of the oncoming truck. FHP investigators determined that the driver of Mitsubishi was texting at the time and did not notice the stop sign or oncoming traffic.

The woman was comatose for three weeks after the crash and has undergone extensive therapy physical therapy. She needs a wheelchair for mobility, and her brain injury has permanently affected her speech.

In early August, a jury awarded the woman $4.3 million in damages because of her injuries from the accident.

The National Highway Transportation Safety Administration considers texting while driving to be just as dangerous as drinking and driving. If an individual is injured because someone was using a cellphone or smartphone while driving, then the driver may be held legally and financially accountable for the results.

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