Florida’s motorcycle accident death rates are high

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People have their own reasons for choosing the vehicles that they want to drive. The same goes for Tampa, Florida, residents, who prefer motorcycles as their means of transportation. Many motorcyclists prefer motorcycles over cars or passenger vehicles because they are more cost-effective. Others enjoy motorcycles because of their flexibility in traffic. However, as more people decide to choose motorcycles, the chances of getting into a motorcycle accident increase.

In fact, fatalities as a result of motorcycle accidents are already high in Florida. According to a study released by the Governors Highway Safety Association, the number of people dying in motorcycle crashes nationwide has climbed. Motorcycle fatalities increased in 2011 after declining to nearly 4,200 in 2009. In 2012, almost 4,000 motorcyclists were killed just from January to September. Based on the data used in the study, the number of fatalities will continue to rise. Of the different states that have experienced this rising death toll, Florida ranked high. The study showed that the number of motorcycle deaths in Florida was constantly on the rise. The state had 287 fatal motorcycle crashes from January to September of 2012.

Florida, along with other warm weather states, has a climate that is good for motorcycle riding. Because of this, GHSA believes that the weather is a contributing factor in the high death toll of motorcyclists in the state. Good weather permits motorcycle riders to ride in the open more frequently.

The study also recommended steps to curb the motorcycle death toll. Motorcyclists in Florida were urged to get additional training before taking a motorcycle out on the road. Motorcyclists should drive slower and avoid drinking and driving, just like any other motorists. The study also reminds agencies and municipalities to encourage other motorists, including those in Florida, to share the road with motorcycle riders safely.

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